Saturday, July 10, 2010

Three Weeks Here

New accomplishments: Passed the driver's license written test, got what I wanted from the cable company because I made an office visit (after failing on line and on the phone) and got the parking permit for the moving truck, which comes on Monday.

Who knew?

Free advice: Avoid feeling smug. You know -- here is the more traditional saying: Pride goeth before a fall.

After tallying up my many accomplishments, heading out again I missed the last porch step at P&J's house and landed on the sidewalk. Joel, who was following me, asked if I would prefer to sit on the step instead of on the sidewalk, but I was taking inventory. When I decided everything was where it should be and seemed to be okay (though it hurt), then I got up.

Drove off to the apartment with a load in the car, took everything inside and was wondering what to next when my injured ankle shouted, "GO HOME AND PUT ICE ON THIS FOOT!"

So I did. It's good to listen when the body talks.

My ankle is much better this morning (though still swollen) and so my mind is doing the organizing, sorting and prep work that needs to be done at the apartment. Just as well -- today is a big family picnic, so I was taking off the day anyway. Best news: In addition to attending a picnic in the woods with my new family, I have a $10 filet mignon to grill in the park!

Or to let someone else grill while I sit with my foot up. Still, it's all good!

More later.

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  1. So......How's the apt looking with the furniture??? Can't wait to hear!