Thursday, September 26, 2013

Quick Trip to St. Louis

For 62 years, St. Louis was my home. (Full disclosure: I spent a year in Lawton, Oklahoma, but only in body, not in spirit -- though I did have some grand adventures in journalism there.) Anyway, for 62 years, St. Louis was my home, but now, it's a fun place to visit, a place to catch up on hugs (and news) from dear friends and a place to experience some of the world-class attractions there that I love best.

St. Louis also is a place to be way too hot and way too cold, but fortunately the weather was relatively moderate during a recent quick trip. Oh, it was hotter than in San Francisco, but I just kept telling myself the humidity is good for my skin, my lungs and my hair, so I only whined a little.

Though I meant to take a lot of pictures while in town, I took only a few, so this post will be an album of photos followed by a string of word pictures. First, the photos.

This hippo at the Zoo knows I love "Fantasia." 

Hippos, being feisty.

Hippo, reflecting.

Rhino running for cover, though not quite enough.

Happy elephant in the drink.

Note to Zoo: Bigger seats on the train would be appreciated.

The glorious Climatron at Missouri Botanical Garden, enhanced by touches of Chihuly.

A picturesque archway topped with grand gourds.

Other highlights of the trip, in chronological order, include:

supper at Dewey’s with Judy and Beth
a brief reunion with Michelle
shoe shopping and camisole shopping with Judy
a smoothie with Charles (which included a quick visit with Elliot)
dinner at The Libertine and “Cabaret” at the Rep with Edward
coffee and true confessions with Tim
lunch at Dewey’s with Matt and Josh
dinner at Onesto and many laughs with Gail and Gail
a blissful acupuncture treatment with Michael
lunch at Pei Wei and many laughs with Bernice
a 40th anniversary celebration of friendship with the Five Favorite Female Friends
Scrabble on an actual board with Jane and Judy
pizza for supper (courtesy of Scott and his new Green Egg) with Linda and Bill
lunch at Dewey’s* and a reunion with Sue
nachos and sangria at La Cantina with Judy and Scott
wonderful book club meeting with the Wise Women

*In case you are wondering, the attraction at Dewey’s is the Harvest Salad.

A big perk on this trip was time spent with a lapful of cats – Cleo and Oscar, to be specific, new pets at Judy and Scott’s house. (Of course it was good to see Sasha and Bailey as well, in case they are reading this.)

Cat in a basket 
Cat in a bowl 

As always, my time in town was short, so I missed seeing many, many people that I love. Next time!  

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